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Active gyn. oncologists with Swiss subspecialist title.

Active gyn. oncologists with Swiss subspecialist title
title, first name, last name Zip Code, City year of subspecialist title achieved
Dr. med. Chahin Achtari 1011 Lausanne 2013
Dr. med. Yves Brunisholz 2000 Neuchâtel 2012
Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Fehr 8501 Frauenfeld 2008
Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Fink 8001 Zürich 2002
Dr. med. Natalie Gabriel 8091 Zürich 2012
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Günthert 3010 Bern 2008
Prof. Dr. med. Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz 4031 Basel 2017
PD Dr. med. Willy Hänggi 3013 Bern 2008
Prof. Dr. med. René Hornung 9007 St.Gallen 2007
PD Dr. med. Sara Imboden 3010 Bern 2019
Prof. Dr. med. Ossi R. Köchli 8001 Zürich 2005
Prof. Dr. med. Patrice Mathevet 1011 Lausanne  
Dr. med. Jérôme Mathis 2021 Auvernier 2021
Dr. med. Gesine Meili 8401 Winterhur 2018
PD Dr. med. Céline Montavon Sartorius 4031 Basel 2020
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Mueller 3010 Bern 2014
Dr. med. Stephanie von Orelli 8063 Zürich 2019
Prof. Dr. med. Andrea Papadia 6877 Ruvigliana 2020
Prof. Dr. med. Patrick Petignat 1205 Genève 2007
Prof. Dr. med. Marc Possover 8032 Zürich 2011
PD Dr. med. Dimitri Sarlos 5001 Aarau 2008
Dr. med. Peter Schäfer 1211 Genéve 2004
Prof. em. Gabriel Schär 8006 Zürich 2005
Dr. med. Jürg Schneider 8620 Wetzikon 2005
Prof. Dr. med. Rolf A. Steiner 7000 Chur 2007
Prof. Dr. med. Seraina Schmid 9472 Grabs 2020
Dr. med. Manuela Undurraga Malinverno 1211 Genéve 2021
Prof. Dr. med. Pius Wyss 8008 Zürich 2005
Prof. Dr. med. Rosanna A. Zanetti Dällenbach 4058 Basel 2014

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